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Rugby Academy NoordWest offers a combined School and Topsport course in collaboration with the Dutch Rugby Association and the NOC * NSF.

In this talent program, for motivated boys and girls from the age of 12 from the entire North West region are developed into national and international rugby players.  We strive for all these young talents to eventually grow into players of the Dutch Rugby Team and perhaps even to get the Olympics. We also have student that go on to other sports.

The Rugby Academy NoordWest foundation was established on 15 July 2009. September 2009, in close collaboration with the Dutch Rugby Association (NRB) and Topsport Talentschool Willem Blaeu, the rugby talent program was started in Alkmaar.

Participants in the talent program are selected by the Regional Talent Center (RTC). Via the NOC * NSF they have an official Topsport status. All participants take lessons at their own level at various schools in Alkmaar where the schools make it possible to practice top sport through special facilities for top sport students.

That naturally requires a lot of commitment and discipline from the participants, but the reward can therefore be called unique; great trainings, national and international competitions and not to mention the Topsport status (Promise) of NOC * NSF.



At a Top Sport Talent School, indicated top sport talents are given the opportunity to combine their top sport career with their school career. In a normal high school it is difficult to combine top sport with school without the results suffering. At a Topsport Talent School, top athletes are given the opportunity to achieve the school diploma at the highest possible level for them in addition to all the training work they perform. This is possible at all levels (VMBO - HAVO - VWO) from the first class.

Top sport requires a lot of time for training, competitions and travel. A Topsport Talent School takes the sports activities into account by offering extra facilities. Which facilities you get depends on what you need as an athlete. The schools apply tailor-made solutions for every indicated athlete, whereby achieving a good school diploma is a priority for the school.


Rugby Academy NoordWest Foundation gives young talented rugby players the opportunity to develop into a fully-fledged rugby player, to take Dutch rugby to a higher level in the future.

We also take it very seriously that we represent the 13 Rugby Clubs in our region, the Academy is also there to help our clubs and grow the rugby family.



The talent program of Rugby Academy NoordWest is intended for the youth players from the North West region. We do not look for talent when coming into the academy, all we require is the right attitude and a willingness to learn. It is our Job to give you skill and help you improve on them.

In addition, rugby is characterised by  friendship, team spirit but above all RESPECT.



Trainers from the Rugby associations within the district nominate talented rugby players to the Regional Talent Center (RTC). The RTC operates under the responsibility of the Dutch Rugby Association (NRB) and provides 2-day training sessions for talented young rugby players 5 times a year. During these training sessions, the RTC assesses whether the rugby player has the right qualities to be able to develop into a top rugby player. From 1 March 2010, the new status allocation system of the NOC * NSF applies. The allocation of the LOOT status or top sport status is thus linked to the talent database of the NOC * NSF. The NRB supplies the names of the talents to the NOC * NSF and thereby fills the database for rugby talents. In collaboration with the NRB



Combining top sport with school requires good guidance for both the training program and school.



All students are assigned a personal LOOT supervisor. Together with the student, this examines which facilities can be offered. The wishes are placed next to the personal timetable to create an optimal situation for the combination of sport and study. Released hours are spent in the top-level sport talent room (study, work and quiet room) so that the students spend as little time as possible on their homework in the afternoon and evening. Missed tests can be made up in the silence room at a suitable time for the student. All information from the talented students is in Magister. Parents can also follow the performance of their children here themselves. Pupils regularly consult with the personal LOOT supervisor about the combination of sport and study.



In addition to guidance regarding school performance, there is of course also guidance within the rugby program. 
The most intensive contact is between the communications and operation manager (Sandra Stanbury) and the participants. 


Participation in the talent program of Rugby Academy NoordWest costs € 1050 per year and can be paid monthly in the months of September up to and including June. Registration is valid for the current season. (Even in the event of an interim injury or cancellation, the remaining amount remains due up to and including June of that season.) It is also possible to attend the academy part time at a cost of 524 euros. Normally players attend for a season but it is also possible to join almost anytime of the year.

Depending on your place of residence, you must also take into account travel costs, with some municipalities providing an allowance for travel expenses for Top Sport Talents.

To reduce the costs for our talents, some clubs in our region have meanwhile decided to exempt their players who participate in the talent program of Rugby Academy NoordWest from membership fees for the club.

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